What is Game Camel?

Game Camel is an online marketplace for cool, quirky, hip, rare, and all other kinds of used and new board games. Are you not playing your old board games as often as you used to? Are you looking for fresh board games to play? Then come to Game Camel and trade your new ord used board games with other board game fans like you.

How Game Camel works?

You love board games and have a large collection that you play with friends and family. The problem is that buying new board games could get expensive. The solution is GameCamel.com, where you can trade your existing board games with other gamers like you. All you have to do is post the board game you want to trade and find a board game you want to play in return. If the other owner agrees to trade the board game with you, you will pay for shipping your board game plus a small trading fee. And that’s it – on GameCamel.com, you can trade and play to your heart’s content!

Our Partners

Other partners from the board games community with whom we are partnering:

Games To Gather

Games to Gather is a non-profit organization in Portland OR that promotes positive action through play. We provide our community members with opportunities to play and create socially inquisitive and personally expressive games in fully inclusive spaces.

West Seattle Boardgames

A group that meets in West Seattle. We play (mostly) Euro board games (e.g., Settlers, Dominion), but are open to playing any type of board game from the party games to very complex games.